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You are a rock star

I've been trying to think of a new topic for my blog post this week, and it's hard. My mind is completely overwhelmed with thoughts of back to school. Three of my four kids are getting geared up for a very different school experience this year, and like many of you I am feeling anxious. What if I made the wrong choice? What if they get behind and never catch up? What if....I'm what iffing myself to insanity. Its easy to get caught up in the questions, and debates regarding this school year. So, today's blog is simply here to tell you that you are a rock star, and your kids will be ok. Whatever you have decided to do, remember this is your family and you get to make the decisions. Erase that doubt from your mind and move forward with confidence. This year is different, but it will be different for everyone, regardless of what decisions are made. Please show yourself some grace, do your best, and focus on what is important. I believe in you.

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